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Accounting staff updated with recent developments and relevant tax provisions is an asset for the company. It gives the company competitive edge by enhancing coordination, reducing turnaround time, improved processes, avoiding non-compliance or penalties, reduced error rate, etc.

Why training is important


The theoretical knowledge alone is not enough for you to become a successful accountant.

Training of the accounting staff is highly technical and theoretical knowledge alone is not enough for you to become a successful accountant . Training on a regular basis can add value to the following;


  • Preparing accountant for their role in the company
  • Updating existing models with advance technology and processes
  • Providing job satisfaction and goal completion

Practical training offer


At ARD accounting, training for accounting staff is provided with the aim of covering all aspects of routine accounting, taxation, and compliance rules.


We offer in-depth and hands-on training services for accounts executives. While all our training modules are customized as per the needs of your company, here are some critical aspects.


  • Discussion on how to keep proper books of accounts – formats, set of documents etc.
  • Conducting a walk through and discuss best suited accounting approach for your company
  • Discussion on VAT registration, e filing, ESR , UBO , AMLCFT implications on your business
  • Basics of data analysis and presentation
  • ERP process of the company and accounting software recommendations and improvements
  • Understanding audits – need, types, how to prepare for audits, clauses of audit report, etc.

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As a professional accounting firm we are familiar with industry leaders and their best practices, we will help you with your training methods especially with regard to accounting and finance positions and we will teach you how to make wise training decisions and engage your employees in meaningful work.

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