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VAT Services in UAE

VAT in UAE is a legal subject & it needs extra caution as it is an obligation that one must have to pay if applicable.

Leading accounting firm for VAT in UAE

VAT compliance includes VAT registration, issuing tax invoices, filing VAT returns, paying VAT due to VAT authority i.e. FTA. To ensure that you are doing all that it takes for VAT compliance, it is best to hire a leading accounting firm. Through ARD accounting, the burden of VAT compliance can be lifted off your shoulders as we will see to it all from start to finish.

  • VAT invoices compliance 100% 100%
  • VAT records compliance 100% 100%
  • VAT returns compliance 100% 100%

 VAT services

VAT implementation

VAT was introduced in the UAE on 1 January 2018 with a standard rate of 5%. The entire VAT system is new and complex for a range of businesses, we are best firm in UAE for advice on VAT implementation and compliance services.

VAT registration & de-registration

Businesses need to register in UAE for VAT under two categories i.e. mandatory and voluntarily as a result of crossing threshold. If your business falls below threshold or business ceases to exist de registration is a must.

VAT return filing

VAT registered business must submit the VAT returns in the UAE to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) quarterly through an online portal It is important to file VAT return to pay your VAT liability and claim any refundable.

What We Offer

  • Taxation is a complex process and needs careful considerations as it involves law.
  • We have vast experience as we have been providing VAT services since its inception.

VAT registration

VAT returns

VAT penalty reduction

VAT accounting

How do we do it?

  • The process of filing VAT returns begins with the customer sending scanned documents.
  • ARD team will then enter the data into the tax software. Auditing of VAT returns, then takes place, to ensure that the information received is correctly entered and accounted for.
  • In the next stage, the VAT returns are transmitted to the customer for review.
  • When the customer reviews and finalizes the VAT returns, the ARD team would update the client FTA online portal, submit the VAT return and pay the VAT thereof if any.
Leading firm for VAT in UAE

Scanned documents

Data entry into software

Auditing of VAT returns

Review of VAT returns

Submitting VAT returns


Frequently Asked Question

We do not fall under VAT registration threshold de we have to keep updated record?
Every business should maintain their financial records in any event, in case FTA needs to establish whether business should be registered.
Why do we hire you when we can do it ourselves?
In house staff can file and maintain record. It is not a legal obligation. But as our understanding businesses should keeping in contact with VAT professional firms and at least get review reports for your work that would be beneficial as FTA issues continuous updates and missing one or some of them would cause hefty fines and problems for the business.
Do you file reconsideration form?
We file on request of client reconsideration form. It should be filed in Arabic and within 20 days of the said decision. So, if clients inform us within time range then it’s possible. But keep in mind reconsideration form is different than the voluntary disclosure submission.


Ahmed Alsuwaidi General Trading LLC

We went to ARD accounting for our VAT  and CT group registration. They handled our case very diligently and we got approved to file returns as a group. We are hiring them as our advisor.

Zhuli zhang building material LLC

We are very happy with the services provided by ARD accounting . we originally hired them for penalty reduction and now we have long term relationship with them for our VAT and UAE CT compliance function.


We appreciate the support provided by ARD accounting for our timely filing of VAT returns and they keep us informed and updated throughout the year.
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